Friday, December 19, 2008

Roth y sus manías

respuestas de Roth a Andrew Corsello, en la última GQ.

"I can only really write when I´m alone in a place that´s mine, that I´m accustomed to,
and there´s no interruption. I don´t have a phone. I don´t have anything that can distract me. And I spend the hours ruminating. If you spend six or seven hours rumminating on your invention, the next part of it will come to you. When I´m walking the streets, I don´t have that kind of concentration. Nor do I want to be writing when
I´m not writing."

"Hard work, steady work, is my greatest... satisfaction. I have worked hard and steady
over these last fifty years. And when I´m at work, I´m pretty satisfied"